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Trading Rules

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1Trading Rules Empty Trading Rules on Mon Dec 29, 2014 11:45 pm

There will be rules, there are always rules.


* No Flaming - publicly or privately attacking traders is taken very seriously here and will not be tolerated. If you have been privately verbally abused by another trader the admin as soon as possible for assistance.

* No Spamming - advertising and off-topic posts will be deleted accordingly. Frequent spammers will be given an appropriate ban. There is a off-topic thread for that elsewhere on this site.

* Be Respectful - I try to have the Fallen Kingdom as a rather harmonic forum, one in which you should be respectful to your peers. If you fail to do so, you will be give a warning by one of the forum moderators (or admin) and possibly banned at their discretion.


Please state what kind of pokemon you will be trading away.

* [Casual] Casual for regular trades (Pokedex filling, legendary swapping, trade for evolution, etc).

* [Competitive] Pokemon for Competitive battle. 6IV flawless, EV trained, etc.

* [Event] Trading Event Pokemon.

* [File Trade] Used for Gen4/Gen5.

* [Item] For trading items.

* [Shiny] For trades involving shinies.

* [Hack] Pokemon that have been hacked. (Shinfield, powersaved, cybergen).

* [Giveaway] For giveaways.



Scamming occurs when a user trades one Pokémon and the other user trades something in return that is not what they described whilst negotiating. If this does occur, it is strongly recommended that you report the scammer here and one of the mods (or admin) will resolve the situation.

In the unlikely event of being scammed, the scammer will be blacklisted here and banned respectively.
Bypassing and repeating offenders may face a permanent ban.




There is no set rule for how often you can bump your thread back to the first page of the forum. I recommend however that traders refrain from bumping a thread within an hour of its previous post. If your bump is slightly less than that you won't get in trouble, but it may be considered excessive to bump a thread in less than say 30 minutes.


I do not permit code trading or real world trading.

That is all, enjoy!

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