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The Rules: Subject to change please read often!

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The Rules

* Read these and the general rules too.
* To join, just jump right in after reading this of course.
* Decent grammar.
* Don't spam.
* Use "" for talking.
* Use (( )) for questions, hellos, goodbyes outside of role play.
* Use [] for inner dialogue.
* Be nice and don't bully others.
* Warn people when you are going to leave or be gone for awhile.
* If a role is Mature, please state it and 18+ only or something.
* Don't copy or duplicate other role plays here.
* You may have two characters.
* You get more if you're active.
* Don't steal someone else's OC.
* NO Over Powered/Mary Sue characters. Everyone's got weaknesses.

Never really made rules before so they might be sloppy..

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