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The Rules [Please Read]

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1The Rules [Please Read] Empty The Rules [Please Read] on Mon May 25, 2015 8:55 am

Here are the rules you need to stick to when here on the forums. Read them, follow them and enjoy being part of the community!


This is it - these are the rules you need to follow here. If you don't want to read them at least skim through it. If I see or any of the mods (if I have them) see anyone breaking these rules. You will get a warning. If it happens again, you're banned for three days. If you come back and continue your behavior you will be banned and blocked.

1.) Swearing and Inappropriate Material - At FallenKingdom we know. We know that this site will most likely be used by teenagers or young adults who love anime and manga. You can cuss, but only the minor words. There is a replacement feature that will replace any words. As for inappropriate material. I think you know what I mean. Don't post it or act that way. On a related point, phrases that could be taken as offensive by religion (such as "oh my God") are not explicitly forbidden, but please keep in mind that these may be offensive to fellow members, and may in extreme cases be dealt with under the "Respect Fellow Forum Members" rule. It's also worth keeping in mind that incorrect use of words such as "retard" and "gay" will not be tolerated.

2.) Respect Fellow Forum Members - Here at FallenKingdom We do not tolerate bullying (doing something intending to cause another person pain - mental or physical) or thoughtlessness of ANY kind. If you make a jokey post that could otherwise be taken as offensive, remember to put the letters "jk" (=just kidding) afterwards. More serious personal attacks may be dealt with by a ban of three days. This rule also covers the need for members to be unprejudiced, i.e. not being offensive to certain groups of people on the basis of religion, sexuality, gender, disability. Such attacks may result in automatic bans.

3.) Stay on Topic - There's little more annoying than clicking on an interesting topic to find out that the discussion taking place is on a completely different subject. For this reason, a series of posts not relating in some way to the original post or other comments in the thread are not allowed - but feel free to start a new thread. Such posts will be deleted. For similar reasons, please post your threads in the correct sections.

4.) No Spam - Everyone (although the causers don't) hates spam and trolling. Spam is material that has no purpose or is, and never could be, of no interest to other members. The difference between this and going off topic is that off-topic posts could have a purpose, but are just in the wrong thread. For example, posting "I like toilets" would be classed as spam. The exception comes in the off-topic area, where limited amounts of spam are permitted. Please note that this does not, however, give you a free licence to be as ridiculous as you wish, as the off-topic area is still moderated.

5.) No Trolling - Trolling is defined as deliberately posting provocative, unsubstantiated opinions or content that can result in an argument. This is forbidden due to the unnecessary aggro it can cause.

6.) DON'T Respond to Spam and DON'T feed the trolls - Spam becomes even worse when people respond to it by posting - the correct response is actually to report it (see section on reporting below). Just like Spam, feeding trolls results in war on the forums. So whatever you do, report the troller and let it die.

7.) Write in Understandable English - We don't expect you to have achieved a first-class degree in English Language from Cambridge to be here, but please try and write in an understandable way. This includes using capital letters (but not all the time!), spaces and full-stops/periods. The reasoning behind this is that it can be quite difficult for people to read posts if they are not written in a reasonable way. Commonly used text language is allowed in infrequent use though. I understand if you're from another country and English isn't your native language as a result if you have a hard time using English I or the mods won't give warnings against or ban you.

8.) Don't Create Duplicate Threads - When making a new thread, ensure that there is no thread already in existence that has the exact same purpose as your potential new thread. You may "bump" an old thread according to the rule below.

9.) Be Wary When Bumping Threads - Bumping threads (posting in a thread that isn't on the first page of the list of threads in a section) should only ever happen if a) You were about to create a thread on exactly the same topic, or b) You have something meaningful to add to the topic (not just something like "uhuh, I agree with Vader"). Otherwise, let dead threads lie.

10.) Always give Credit to a Source - This rule simply forbids both copy+pasting and paraphrasing material from another source without proving a link, or stating clearly where it has come from. Not only is it a legal requirement in most territories, but giving credit to sources from which you have retrieved information is simply good online practice. If you post a picture of art that's not yours, please try to find the source.

11.) Look After Your Account - You are responsible for any activity that happens on your 3DS Buzz account. This means that if a younger sibling, or cousin gets on your account and posts spam on someone else's profile, you can be held responsible for that spam, and may receive a warning. Having said that though, we will be more lenient if we have reason to believe that rule-breaking activity was not personally down to you. This rule includes the restriction of one account per person - you are only permitted to have one FallenKingdom account.

12.) Free Speech - Whilst you are totally free to discuss, debate and talk about religion and other 'deep' issues, it's important to remember that looking down on others who hold different beliefs to you, or attempting to force someone else to hold the same beliefs as you, will not be permitted. The line here is that a Christian saying "I believe you need to accept Jesus into your life to get into heaven, I'd love it if you'd investigate the facts and/or chat about it with me" is acceptable since it isn't aggressive/disrespectful to the person they're talking to. However, language used should be moderate, and not recognizable as an attack on those with different beliefs (Atheists, Christians and all other beliefs).

13.) No Stupid Memes - When posting a picture on a thread, please make sure that it's either funny, helpful, or that it adds to the conversation. Replies with just a single image will be deleted because they derail the thread, and are also used to bait likes. This falls under the same category as "stay on topic".


If you see a post breaking any rules, please report it to either me or a mod.
You can do this by clicking on the upside down triangle with an ! in it. It will be at the bottom right on the post of the person you want to report.



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