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One Piece Role Play Character Template

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1One Piece Role Play Character Template Empty One Piece Role Play Character Template on Tue Dec 16, 2014 4:38 pm

Introduction of Character

Name: (First/Last)

Epithet: [Optional for Pirates/Marines/etc.]

Age: [Pre-Timeskip and Post-Timeskip (Both Optional)]

Gender: Male/Female



Birth Date:

Death Date:



Crew: [Pirates Only]

Affiliation(s): [Straw Hat Pirates, Marines, Shichibukai, etc.]

Bounty: [Pirates and/or Criminals Only]
The Character’s Appearance

[Try to include detailed description of character’s physical characteristics (shape of nose, freckles, moles, scars, shape of eyes, accessories, etc.), ethnicity, common attire, etc. DO NOT JUST PUT DOWN WORDS!]


About the Character

[Be as detailed as you can with your character’s personality. DO NOT JUST PUT DOWN WORDS! Go into depth with your character.]







The Character’s Relationship With Others

(How people view your character in general)

Love Interest(s):
First/Last Name [If possible] of Love Interest (How Character Feels About Love Interest; Ex: In Denial, Does Not Realize Feelings, stuff like that [Keep it short, sweet and to the point; No need to explain the situation, as you will explain it in the relationships section below])

[Repeat if needed]

[Look at Love Interest, only without the parentheses]



First/Last Name of Character (Canon or Original Character) - Detailed description of how they met and what their relationship is and/or where it’s going

[Repeat to desired amount]

The Character’s Abilities

Devil Fruit User?: Yes/No/Undisclosed

If yes, Devil Fruit Name</b>: [Name of Devil Fruit (if character has one)]

Devil Fruit Ability(ies):
[Since this coincides with the Devil Fruit name and whatnot, this describes what abilities and techniques the character is capable of using. Name the strengths, weakness and other abilities that your character has with the Devil Fruit power.]

Fighting Style:

Preferred Weapon(s): [Only if they have a weapon to use (i.e: swords, daggers, guns, etc.)]

(On a scale of 1-10; 1 being terrible and 10 being the best)

Devil Fruit Usage: [Meaning how well can your character control his/her powers; Only if you said yes to having eaten one of the fruits] /10

Swordsmanship: /10

Hand-to-Hand Combat: /10

Defense: /10

Offense: /10

People Skills: /10
The Character’s Familial/Biographical Information


[Look at Friends, but add parentheses to it in order to define who the person is in the family and whether they are active, deceased, etc.

Repeat if needed]

Familial Background:

Character Background:


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