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Favorite RWBY Songs?

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1Favorite RWBY Songs? Empty Favorite RWBY Songs? on Sat Nov 08, 2014 6:12 am

We all know the music in this show is OUTSTANDING.

Favorite Opening Song: Time to Say Goodbye
Favorite Ending Song: Wings
Favorite Trailer Song: Mirror, Mirror
Favorite Volume 1 Song: Red Like Roses Part II
Favorite Volume 2 Song: Caffeine/ I LOVE "Shine" SO MUCH.

Nothing compares to the beauty of Caffeine.
Shine! Arkos! What a Face

List of all the songs:


Red Like Roses
Mirror, Mirror
From Shadows
I Burn

:Volume 1 (Season 1):
This Will Be The Day - Opening
I Burn (There's a clean version too)
I May Fall
Red Like Roses Part II
From Shadows
Wings - Ending

:Volume 2 (Season 2): (Incomplete, but this could be all there is) :)
Time To Say Goodbye - Opening
Die (Rough)
Sacrifice - Ending

Favorite RWBY Songs? VOca_zpsgn8sbyni
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