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1~~Minecraft~~ Empty ~~Minecraft~~ on Fri Oct 31, 2014 1:08 pm

The possibilities are endless!

From Castles
~~Minecraft~~ Minecraft-castle-2

to Adamantis A Minecraft Fantasy City which you can download and play on!
~~Minecraft~~ Minecraft-fantasy-map-download

Or build your favorite characters!
~~Minecraft~~ 6283cad7a3758d0f6bbc43ec5c43016b

even recreate scenes from games, movies and more!
~~Minecraft~~ D4b20bb35879a61e9293ac00889ed6e7

You most likely won't be building these things yet, if your not in creative that is.

In the beginning, Minecraft has one simple goal: survive. It's a big scary world and monsters want to eat you, so don't let them. You must gather resources. Craft swords and tools, explore caves, hunt for food.
Your first shelter will either be a dirt hut or a hidey hole.
~~Minecraft~~ 59a4bcc37f3b1bd9538af11deace86b7
There's also hardcore...ONE LIFE ONLY! Can you survive?

Bored of how Minecraft looks? Textures! Download textures/resource packs to make minecraft more interesting and why not try out some mods while you're at it!
There's also over 1000 custom maps to play on!
Check out Planet Minecraft

Have no friends who play minecraft or tired of being lonely? Join a server and have some fun!
Some Servers:


Definitely check out Wynncraft: An epic MMORPG with spells, quests, dungeons and much much more! Adventure into the province of Wynn and discover secrets!

~~Minecraft~~ VOca_zpsgn8sbyni
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