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Groups, what they are, mean and how to get into one!

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GROUPS also known as Usergroups.
You can see it on the Bar where you can log out, access your profile and other things.

If you're in a group you can post and reply to Group only topics.
You may have seen them.

You may notice the bolded black words, "You can only post here, if you're a member of the group." This means only people in that group are allowed to post stuff and reply.

Now technically you actually can post there even if you're not a member, but if you do..I'll delete your post and give you a warning. If you're incredibly brave, think I'm bluffing, and or an idiot...You'll be banned for three days if you post again.

I thought it would make the forum cool, to have exclusive groups only certain people can post in.

You can get into one by PMing me saying you want to join [Group name here] and I'll accept unless you're a spammer or bad person. Or just read the FAQ answer is there too.

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