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Last Letter of a Character's Name - Anime Edition

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Just like it's original version, but you can only use anime characters name's!
This makes it harder, but funner. I'll probably make a Video Game Edition too.
Format: Name [Anime they're from] You can put either both their first and last name or just their first. If you put their last name too then you will use only the last letter of their last name :) If you're having trouble of thinking characters beginning with a certain letter this site will help.
Absolute Anime

Person 1: Naruto [Naruto]
Person 2: Orochimaru [Naruto]
Person 1: Naruto Uzumaki [Naruto]
Person 2: InuYasha [InuYasha]

I'll start.

Ichigo Kurosaki [Bleach]

Last Letter of a Character's Name - Anime Edition VOca_zpsgn8sbyni
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