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Dragonball XenoVerse

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1Dragonball XenoVerse Empty Dragonball XenoVerse on Tue Mar 03, 2015 4:40 pm

I highly recommend anyone who loves the DB series to buy this game.
Systems: Xbox 360, XONE, PS3, PS4, and PC (via Steam)

1. You can create your own character. There are many races to choose from and you can customize your outfit.
2. Great music.
3. It's like you're actually in the anime. There are anime cut-scenes and the characters look exact how they did in the show.
4. You can choose between Japanese or English Audio.
5. The title music is head cha-la.
6. The story is interesting and different.
7. You can collect all 7 dragon balls. :D
8. There's more content to be added. DLCs that contain characters and quests.
9. There's multi-player: Online and split-screen.
10. There are cool emotes!

1. There's not enough servers. Even playing in single lobby you can get kicked.
2. It's hard and there's a LOT of grinding.
3. The DLCs will cost 9.99 dollars each, and the season pass will be 24.99 dollars.
4. Chat looks like something on a mobile phone game app.

I didn't actually buy mine, it was a gift. The General price around here is around 60 us dollars.

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