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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

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1The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Empty The Vanishing of Ethan Carter on Thu Oct 02, 2014 10:49 pm

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is an adventure video game created by the independent Polish development studio The Astronauts.

The story of the game revolves around a detective with paranormal powers investigating the fictional Red Creek Valley. At the start of the game the detective receives a letter from a young boy named Ethan Carter who claims to be in danger. It is now up to the detective to explore Red Creek Valley and investigate its dark secrets.

The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter is set in an open world environment which the player can roam around and explore at will. The player will also be able to use paranormal powers in order to solve crimes, such as talking to the spirits of murder victims and sensing where important objects are located.

My Review:
Despite how it says its open world, its really not. Sure you can choose where you want to go and what you want to do first, but there's invisible barriers. You see two path ways. You can take both of them, but only one of them actually goes anywhere. You have to do certain things in the game before you can move onto the final part.
The traps at the beginning, you have to unlock all those and get a story Ethan wrote to his Gramps and the House of Confusion better known as the Magicians house? Or the House of Portals. You got to line up all the doors to a house that you can't access and get a piece of story.
The music and scenery were absolutely stunning though! king Props to the guys who did that. Now the ending of the game has been getting a lot of hate. People saying its not great, but I think it was a little unexpected.

I originally thought that the player was actually Ethan and even though we played as the Detective. But in the end that's kind of stupid sounding. There are ways the ending have been interpreted. During the end at the final house you find Ethan, he gets up and says, "You made it." Then Paul says, "Sorry I was too late." Ethan looks sad and agrees, "You were too late." Then we see a flashback of Ethan staring at a wall with a crayon drawing map then his annoying older brother Travis, finds him and says he was late for dinner and mom was worried. Ethan stays in the room telling Travis to leave him alone..We then hear Travis walk out and say, "He's in here mom!" Ethan walks out into the other room to hear the jerk Uncle Ben calling him names for writing stories and being a loser because of it...Then things take a turn for the worse. Ethan's mom accidentally knocks over the lantern and the house sets ablaze. Everyone, but Ethan rushes out. Ethan traps himself in the room and dies? From the smoke. Right before that we see Ethan again. Ethan reveals that The Supernatural Detective Paul is a book Ethan wrote and that he was made real by Ethan. Ethan says, "I can't go yet. I have to finish my story about you. And everyone." The Detective says his story is done and Ethan seems to be asking if he can "let go" He asks what happen after and the Detective says there are more stories then the camera pans out to see a dead Ethan laying on the bed, goes through the firey house, to the outside to see his family trying to put out the fire and then it ends.

People have thought the most obvious thinking the whole game was just Ethan's story and it happened in his head. Or that the Paul Detective is a angel or death.
Ethan is dying and he imagines the whole thing, he's the sleeper, and the camera is actually his soul finally resting.
Here's one maybe Ethan is in a coma? His family did rescue him from the fire, but because he inhaled so much smoke he was admired to the hospital and has been in a coma. That's why he's the Sleeper and the story is taking place in his head and that's why he's trying to awake the sleeper. Just a thought.

Anyway right now the game is on Steam for $20 and is going to come out to the PS4 next year.

If you don't have a good enough PC or don't have 20 bucks, here's some people who are playing it:

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